Foldable Baby Bath Mat

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No more kneeling at the edge of the tub or nervously juggling a slippery baby. We've found a cuddly and a convenient way to bathe your baby.

Babies aren't the only ones delighted by Foldable Baby Bathing Mat. Grown-ups also enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free bath time with the baby. Make bath time a pleasant, snug and safe experience for you and your baby.

The soft-touch Baby Bathing Mat provides a warm and safe environment for baby's bath time. It securely nestles your infant's body while supporting his head safely out of the water

This lycra fabric cushion is specifically designed to adjust to the curves of your newborn baby, allowing for maximum comfort. The soft sides and deeply contoured design mimic a mother's cradling position, allowing your baby to stay calm and relaxed while taking a bath.

  • Mimics a mother's natural cradling position
  • Adjusts to the contours of your baby to allow for maximum comfort
  • Keeps the child's head elevated to keep water out of baby's ears
  • Soft and comfy pillow for newborns and babies.
  • The BEST way for baby to bathe and lounge.
  • Soft sides and deeply contoured to safely cradle baby while bathing and lounging.
  • Sturdy Loop at the top for convenient storage and drying.
  • Super soft and cuddly to keep baby happy and comfortable during bath time & lounging around.
  • Head is elevated keeping water out of baby’s ears.
  • Used for safe and pleasant bath time, giving the baby full support, a comfortable and luxurious wash.
  • It’s recommended to rinse before first use.