4 in 1 Multi function Jar Opener

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One of our customer says: "I'm older now and can't open jars without this.  You must try one!" 

  • High quality material:4 in 1 manual can opener with food-grade silicone material is very durable and environmentally friendly.The surface will not be stained with oil after frosting treatment.Antibacterial effect is good and very easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic & non slip handle:jar opener tool has ergonomic & non slip design with 4 different jar grips and inner silicone will give your hands the power to open any Jar lips just in squeeze.Easy tearing,pulling,turning and twisting for anything you crave.Place the appropriate opener size atop the food or drink container,twist and quickly release their factory sealing,without slipping or breakage.
  • Good flexibility:The shovel head is soft,it is not easy to bend.When scraping butter and other baking materials,it is easy and labor-saving,clean and no residue,no damage to containers,no waste.
  • Easy to use: Can opener enables you to open any jar,can or bottle by exerting minimal effort and putting no extra stress on your fragile hand joint and ligaments.Solid and reliable design makes this multi-function kitchen aide easy to hold and handle.
  • Perfect fit for cutlery drawer:The manual Can Opener will not take up too much space,the jar opener and bottle opener is easy to clean.It can also be hang on hooks for easy access and easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher.