360 Degree Makeup Organizer with adjustable levels and large capacity racks

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The 360 Rotating Organizer declutters your dresser and makes it easy to find all of your make-up! 1. SPINS: 360-degree spinning, makes it super fast to find whatever you need without digging around and wasting time. 2. BIG ENOUGH: Large and high capacity to accommodate all of your cosmetics in one place. 3. TOUGH: Durable & washable high quality plastic for long lasting use. 4. QUICK TO SETUP: Quick and easy to install with different tray setups for different size cosmetics. 5. GIFT ME: It's a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother to tidy up their dresser! Specifications: - Color: White & Black & Pink - Material: Plastic - Dimensions: H 31cm, W 23cm - Weight: 3.75lbs (1.7kg)