8x Zoom Telescope for Camera Phone

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Imagine seeing 4+ football lengths away with your camera phone at a sporting event. Also great for concerts, outdoors, viewing the city view or any other type of hobby you may be into.

The Ultra Premium Telephoto Lens brings professional image quality to today’s smartphone cameras. The images produced by Ultra Premium Telephoto Lens have been tested, and found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon and Sony. We're extremely proud to have manufactured such a high-quality product at such a modest price point, thanks to computer design and advanced CCD fabrication.

We’ve all experienced moments where what you see is far more epic than what you can capture with your smartphone camera. Most of the time you try and try, hoping for that lucky photo but all you get are blurry shaky images. With the Ultra Premium Telephoto Lens, you will be able to zoom in 18x and focus on what your smartphone can’t. With its included stabilizing tripod, you will get the perfect picture every time.  Its lightweight, portable, and durable.

Get up close, and clear photos from far away areas with the intelligent ultra enhanced zoom in 8x!