Door Opener Tool, hygienic contactless door opener with Retractable Carabiner

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Door Opener Tool, hygienic contactless door opener

  • Support Touch Screen - This door opener could support touch screen. You can use it to handle ATM, access control, airport or shopping mall guide screen with touch function, etc.
  • Keep Health - Avoid direct contact with the shared surfaces like door handle, elevator button, toilet button and other public buttons.
  • Durable and Anti-rust - Made of zinc alloy, the door opener will not be rusted and could perform well under various environments. A great reusable EDC equipment.
  • Easy to carry - These door openers are easy to carry with pocket, bag, key chain, etc. Please clean it with disinfectant alcohol (No hot water) after using it.
  • What you get - You will get Zinc Alloy non-contact door opener + 1 Retractable Carabiner.  Great for frequent use without having to sort everytime with your bunch of keys.