12 Incredible Gardening Products that will keep your Garden Green Effortlessly

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12. Metal Nibbler Cutter Attachment

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11. Garden Claw Gloves

These garden gloves make gardening fun and easy, durable, waterproof, puncture resistant. It protects your hands from dirt, sweat and injuries. With built in claws for digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening tasks, the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands. Garden Gloves rinse clean keeping your hands dry and clean, fully Waterproof and Flexible. Garden the quick and easy way with Garden Genie Gloves. Gloves contain latex.

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10. The Magic Duster Vacuum Attachment

The Magic Duster Tiny Suction Tubes with a Universal Vacuum Attachment

Have dirt laying around in places you can't get to after potting?  Use the Magic Duster!  The Magic Duster will vacuum in all the places your normally can't reach.  Become stress free with dust and dirt with this device!

1) Dust Your Blinds With Ease
2) Clean Your Drawers Without Taking Anything Out
3) Dust Your Car Like Never Before
4) Clean Your Vents 
5) Window Gaps and Many Other Places Like You've Never Imagined
6) Even Dust Around your Fragile Items

The Numbers Of Uses For This Product Is Endless! 

Dust like you've never before with these Micro-Sized Tubes that attaches to your vacuum.

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9. Self Watering Decorative Globes

Travel and leave your plant unattended and still have it self water itself.  Perfect for potted plants, house plants, hanging plants or your outdoor garden.  Made of transparent hand blown glass, it's a great decorative as well in addition to it's use! 

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8. Self Watering Bulb

For people who are looking for a lower cost self watering system for many of their plants they may also buy our self watering bulbs.  A pack of 2 for 9.95, they'll be able to get one for all their plants. 

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7. Self Watering Pot Plant

Prefer using a Self Water Pot instead?  We got you covered.  Go traveling for a week and you won't have to worry about attending to your plants or arranging a friend to come over to do so.  These set of 3 pots give great value while helping your garden look great!

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6. Floatable Solar Powered Bird Fountain

Smart eco friendly fountain, is great for creating a bird fountain, garden decoration, on the pool for fun with the kids or any situation to add the extra touch to any pond of water.  It's solar powered, very easy to use and will turn any pond of water into an adventure.

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5. Expandable Garden Hose

Hate winding up your garden hose after every use?  Get the Expandable garden hose!  Expands when using and virtually winds back itself when done.  It shrinks to a pocket size so you can easily carry it anywhere!

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4. Waterproof Solar Powered LED Disk Lights

Upgrade your home whether it'd be in your garden, around the pool or your walkways.  These disks are solar powered and water proof.  A great addition to any home, the numbers of uses are endless.

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3. Power Blaster Firemen's Garden Nozzle

Wash and Rinse effectively with High Water Pressure.  This product attaches easily to any hose turning it into a super effective cleaning machine.

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2. High Pressure Washer

Wash and Rinse effectively with High Water Pressure.  This product attaches easily to any hose turning it into a super effective cleaning machine.

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1. Super Absorbent Bamboo Fiber Towels

Clean around the floors after gardening with these amazing bamboo fiber towels!  Imagine a Chaomois, Towel and a Sponge.  This is what you get with this Amazing Super Absorbent Towel Set!  Made of Bamboo wood fibers with special absorbent technology.  These super towels, easily removes stains without a trace.  It doesn't drip, make a mess and simply cleans like no other!  It's also antibacterial so it prevents the growth of bacteria preventing mildew, mold and bad odor.  They are very soft and gentle to use on any surface. 

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