11 MUST Have Baking Products That Will Take Your Baking To New Heights!

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11. Magic Bake Snake Silicone Cake Mold

Magic Bake Snake Silicone Cake Mold

This silicone bake mold is non-stick, easy to clean and reduces clutter while baking. Create multiple shapes, numbers and letters as you bake. Simply make your shape on a foil lined tray or plate, pour in your mix or batter and bake! 

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10. Flower Pipping Nozzle Frosting Kit

Happy Baking Flower Frosting Nozzle Multi Function Kit (13 Piece)

Having to bring out your knife and board for cutting something simple and then having to wash all of them again?  Use this 2in1 Knife + Board and get it done in seconds.  It's never been this easy to chop and slice until now!

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9. Self Spinning Whisk

Self Spinning Whisk

Chef, Baristas and Bakers are going crazy over this item!  Why?  Because it's Convenient to use with no electricity is needed.  Simply pull out of your drawer and start mixing your favorite drinks, fitness shakes, milkshakes and recipes including gravies, eggs/omelets, salad dressings, pancakes and so much more!

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8. Magic Measuring Spoon

Chefs and Bakers are raving about this item!  They've been wishing for a faster way to measure their ingredients and now it's here!  Simply measure with precision by pushing/pulling on their thumbs!  With an airtight seal it works for both liquids and solids. 

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7. Copper Baking Sheets

Copper Baking Sheets

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6. Non-stick Silicone Swiss Roll Baking Mat

Non-stick Silicone Swiss Roll Baking Mat

Made of food-grade silicone, natural silicone rolling mat Non-Stick without the use of chemicals. A multifunctional baking mat can be used to make cake roll, swiss roll, pastry, cookie, fondant, sushi and much more.

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5. 3 Piece Stainless Steel Cake Crimper or 20 Piece Plastic Crimper Set

Decorate your Cakes and make them look professionally done!

4. Heat Resistance Oven Glove

1) Great Over Heat and as an Oven Mitt
2) Mix and Season Piping Hot Food 
3) Precision Grip 
4) Non Slip Grip

These Heat Resistance Glove are great for BBQ, Baking, over a hot stove, Mixing hot Food.  No more fumbling hot food.  Precision grip and Dishwasher safe.

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3. Professional Stainless Steel Baker's Scraper

Professional Baker's Stainless Steel Scraper

Professional Stainless Steel Scraper with measuring guide.  Great kitchen tool for chopping, cutting dough, mixing, transferring dough, measuring, icing and much more!

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2. Silicone Baking Mats with Measurements

Roll your pastries while knowing the exact measurements.  Fold it up and store in the fridge.

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1. Nonstick Pancake Mold Egg Ring Maker 7 Holes

Nonstick Pancake Mold Egg Ring Maker 7 Holes

These Pancakes moulds are the fastest and easiest way to make perfect rounded pancakes, all you have to do is lift and flip. That’s it! The non-stick silicone helps you flip the pancakes with no effort. These moulds are designed to hold batter to the perfect shape and even cooking. While the flat bottom ring supports everything. They're multifunctional you can use them in cooking perfect eggs, string potatoes and so much more!

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Melissa is a former chef.  While working she constantly heard from her friends that they never had enough time to whip up a nutritious and healthy meal.  It is because of this she was then inspired to give them handy tips that would make that possible.  She also realized how long it took for a lot of families to make these types of meals.  This was crucial in her mind even if you were single. 

She believes if you can be healthier while saving time, it would go a long way in the long run.  After helping many of her friends and family not just on cooking tips but also on how to make their overall life more efficient.  She got inspired to help a lot of others as well.  She believes her tips on saving money and time should be transferred over to time and money spent with the joy of friends and family. She now gives tips everyday so that others as well can endure the same healthy, efficient and happy life she has lived.

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