Travel Safer and Lighter Even In Public Transportation!

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Zippers are hidden from theft that may occur during traveling or riding public transportation.  There is also a public transportation pocket in the front designed for amazing convenience.

Anti Theft Hidden Zippers

Night Security:

The backpack has reflective bars on the back and sides to make sure you are save at night.

Night Security Backpack

USB External Charging:

Hate that feeling when you run out of batteries on your mobile device when traveling? We got you Covered! The backpack includes an integrated charging port to get your battery back full in no time.

Weight Balance:

The backpack is designed to relief the weight by pushing down on your shoulder when wearing it.


Water Resistant:

PU Materail repuls water from getting into your backpack


Anti Sweat and Air Permeability:

A combination of multi layers, including air permeabile fabrics, spongy layer all designed for comfort


Anti Sweat and Air Permeability BackPack



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