Ultimate Grocery Bag Reusable Large Grocery Bag (Set of 2)

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Be Kind and Save the Environment!

Ultimate Grocery Bag Reusable Large Grocery Bag (Set of 2)

The Ultimate Grocery Bag is your new #1 Shopping Companion. Save Plastic Bags, Save The Environment.

What makes it magic? The Ultimate Grocery Bag is specially designed to have strong handles on both ends so that it fits EASILY onto any shopping cart! It is made by environmental-friendly recycled materials, making it Extra Soft Yet Durable - holding up to 40 lbs!

Better than an ordinary paper bag, the Ultimate Grocery Bag also has a front pocket, which is Extremely Convenient to store coupons, wallet and even your phone! While not in use, you can fold it flat and keep it for your next shopping day!

Our customers typically buy at least 2-6 depending on their family size and the amount of groceries they buy in a trip. 4 is Ideal.

In one simple action the system spreads out and rests on any supermarket GROCERY Cart, giving you 4 open and upright bags into which you can use both hands to pack and sort your shopping.

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