Posture Corrector for Men & Women Vibo Care Back Brace Back Support

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Why Do I Need This?

Everyone knows that poor posture is bad for long term health. If you’re in front of a screen all day or do lots of physical activities, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture. 

When poor posture is not fixed, it slowly leads into more problems. Some common problems that result from poor posture are: Headaches, Muscle Fatigue, Body Aches, Back Pain, and Poor Focus. 

The MHM posture brace is guaranteed to improve your posture within 30 days or your money back, no questions asked!

See A Difference in 2 Weeks!

Look and feel the difference.

It’s easy to see that poor posture prevents a confident look, but did you ever wonder how good posture feels? Especially good posture that comes naturally from wearing the MHM  brace for just 1 hour per day for 2 weeks.

Listen to the difference yourself.

“Looking back, I can’t believe I was walking around with my head tilted forward and shoulders slouched like a caveman. It wasn’t until wearing the MHM Posture brace that I realized how ridiculous I looked and felt. I didn’t realize how tight everything was and how big of an impact it had on my confidence and mood. Now that I can stand with my head tall and shoulders pulled back, I feel better from the inside out. Even my friends have noticed” -Shirley T. Los Angeles, CA

A Long Term Fix!

MHM Posture Corrector is not about a quick fix. When your body adjusts to wearing our posture corrector, muscle memory will keep your good posture in place.

Once you feel the difference, you’ll find yourself needing the MHM Posture  brace less while still keeping your posture at its best. Most MHM Posture  brace users end up needing the brace only during long periods of sitting.

Wear It Anywhere!

Feel the MHM difference from Day 1 

Don’t worry about having to wait around for your posture to be corrected. Your posture will be upright and tight as soon as you put on the MHM Posture Brace on day 1. 

Plus, our sleek and easy-to-adjust design allows you to wear MHM Posture Corrector anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious. Wear it under a T-Shirt or Jacket and no one will know where you’re getting that extra boost. You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere.


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Q: How to choose the right size?
A: This corrector is universal size. It will perfectly fit chest circumferences between 27 to 45 inches.

Q: Can I sleep while wearing it?
A:  No, there is no therapeutic benefit in wearing the posture corrector while sleeping or
leaning. We would recommend you to use it, while you are working at your computer, or reading a book or, for example cooking.

Q: What material is it made of?
A: The posture corrector is made of waterproof breathable material.
Materials we use are friendly to skin and carefully selected and tested to guarantee comfortable experience.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: While charging the red light will be blinking. Once fully charged it will stop.

Q: Do you offer customer support for the product?
A: Customer Support 24/7 at

Posture Corrector for Men & Women Vibo Care Back Brace Back Support