Fish Scaler Fish Cleaning Tool Removing Fish Scale

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Fish Scaler Fish Cleaning Tool Removing Fish Scale

  • Fish scaler 2 in 1 fucntions, designed to clean the fish in one tool, including removing fish scales and opening fish belly, no need other tools.


  • Fish scales cellecting case with lid design cellects fish scales when you use, so no fish scales flying, keeping your kitchen clean and saving your housework time.


  • Fish scaler with cover is stainless steel serrated blade design can Easily and safely get rid of fish scales. and it can prevent you from cutting your hand when using because of its non sharp design.


  • Fish scale planer tool the blade perfect for scraping fish scales faster and more convenient. a hole on the handle side, can hang it up on the wall.


  • Fish scales scraper have comfortable handle design, gripping effortless, no skiding. material is ABS+stainless steel.