Hand Crank Juicer Portable Manual Juicer Amazing for Citrus and Many other Fruits

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☀️ Summer is just around the corner!  Make amazing juices for your friends and family with just a few twists.  Fill up on vitamins from freshly squeezed artisanal fruits this year instead of those sugary mixes!

We are convinced that homemade juices are the best there are.

ModernKitchenMaker's juice extractor allows you to make homemade fruit juices with outstanding simplicity and speed!

Great for not only citruses but many other combinations of fruits and vegetables below!


Get creative with your combinations, it only takes a few twists and it's done!

Environmentally friendly material: The Juicer is made BPA free, allowing you to get the best original flavor.

100% MONEY BACK Guarantee! 

Dimensions: 6,9" x 3,9" (17.5cm x 10cm)
Do not press too hard on the unit when using the product.