Jet High Pressure Wand Nozzle Spray Washer for Car/Pet/Garden/Outdoor Window Washing Cleaning

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High Pressure Hose Spray Washer for Car/RV/Boat/Pet/Garden/Outdoor Window Washing etc.

Wash with high water pressure like never before. People usually have to spend hundreds of dollars to get this type of power in a power washer. This product is affordable, fits right in your garden hose and is one of our editor's picks. We did a car wash with this product on an older car with very little soap and it looked like it was just finished with a hundred dollar car wax. The reason being is because there are layers and layers of dust and dirt a typical wash does not get that off. It comes with two tips, a circle and a line. We used the circle for extra power and the line tip when we were looking for more coverage. If you own a Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Van or you just want to clean some walls, window or floors. This is the best affordable solution out there.

Great For cleaning truck beds, sweeping the floor, cleaning umbrellas and onings, boats, RVs, windows (even 2nd stories), wheels, wood, walls, wood decks, docks, patios, filters, pool filters, let this device do all the scrubbing for you!

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