Kitchen Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover

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PREVENT crumbs from accumulating with a seal strip for your stove and counter gaps.

No matter how hard you try, crumbs and other debris always manage to fall into the gap between stoves and counter-tops. Moving stoves to clean under and behind them is difficult and time consuming. Stop the problem before it starts with Silicone Bridge Strips, the handy stove counter gap cover. Heat-resistant, these stove counter gap covers protect floors from crumbs, spills, and lost utensils.  Don't let insect develop and live under your stove!

These translucent stove counter gap covers are designed with a full-length "T" underside, keeping them firmly in place. Use this seal strip for stove and counter gaps so you never again have to worry about food or sticky liquids falling between the gap, attracting ants or other insects. The stove counter gap cover removes easily for cleaning. You get 2 Silicone Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers with each order.

Benefits of the Silicone Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers:

  • Stove counter gap cover is heat resistant (up to 400°) and fits easily in the gap between stove and counter
  • Eliminate sticky messes and crumbs on and behind stoves with the stove counter gap cover
  • Stays in place and removes easily for cleaning
  • Translucent design means stove counter gap cover doesn't stand out


Material: Silicone

Size: 53.5 x 5.5 x 1 cm

Color: White, Black, T-shaped design