Magic Measuring Spoon, adjustable with scale 5ml-30ml

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Chefs and Bakers are raving about this item!  They've been wishing for a faster way to measure their ingredients and now it's here!  Simply measure with precision by pushing/pulling on their thumbs!  With an airtight seal it works for both liquids and solids. 

Do you love baking or cooking? Or wish that there was a faster and easier way to measure ingredients? If you do, then this completely adjustable 6-in-1 Magic Measuring Spoon is perfect for you. Guaranteed to provide you with incredibly accurate measurement functions, this powerful new kitchen tool is an essential must-have for any baker or chef who likes to cook or bake with precision. Use the completely adjustable functions to easily measure any solid or liquids from 5ml to 30ml. Simply slide the button handle up or down for a fuller or lesser scoop.