Magic Silicone Dish Washing Gloves

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1) Sterilize the gloves anytime in boiling water to clean.

2) Heat resistance can double as an oven mitt and even pick up hard boiled eggs while still in the hot boiling water.

3) Great for Pasta Sauces and Oily Pans or Dishes

4) Easy and great for washing fruits and vegetables 

Forget cleaning the old way!  Meet the "Swiss-Army Knife" of cleaning.  Stop using those old sponges and dirty brushes that hold all that dirt and Mildew.  Made with food-grade silicone, these BPA Free gloves are gentle on your glassware.  They also work miracles on your Oily Pans and Dishes especially on those pasta sauces without absorbing all that grease!  They are also Heat Resistant and can double as an oven mitt and handy over a stove.

  • 100% safe to use for your children, pets and loved ones. Best of all, simply disinfect by boiling in hot water for 2 mins - no more germs, no more smell, good as new!
  • Heat resistant, but still feather light and easy to use.
  • Perfect in the kitchen for washing dishes, pots and pans; in the bathroom to scrub your shower and sink; wash your car for a scratch-free finish; what’s more, the soft silicone bristles can even bathe your beloved dogs. 

Size: 32.5*11.5*2cm

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