MHM Brass Wall Hanging Photo Frames, Gold Frames that Display Dried Plants, Flowers Artwork with double Pressed Glass (8x10, Gold - Horizontal)

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Capture Nature's Beauty and Elevate Your Memories with a Touch of Elegance and Gold Accent!  Buy MHM's Glass Pressed Frames Now!

MHM Glass Floating Frame for Pressed Flowers - 8x10 Picture Frame Gold Color - Wall Hanging Double Glass Frame for Dried Wildflowers, Photos, and Postcards
Product Details:
  • STUNNING DESIGN: Opt for this 8x10, Gold Horizontal Wall Hanging picture frame that has a lovely presentation and will also form a fine encasing for your decorative pressed flower artwork. Elegant and minimalist, this photo frame gives your decor an excellent focal point.
  • DOUBLE GLASS FRAME FOR PRESSED FLOWERS: Two glass panes are positioned one behind the other in this frame and allow you to display flowers and thin works of art in the space within. A strong metal frame, polished to a fine black or golden tint, holds the glass panes of the polaroid frame together.
  • EASY TO USE: Just like regular picture frames, wall hanging frames have a sliding lock latch that makes it easier to remove the glass pane from the back of the frame. Place your flower artwork carefully on the floating picture frame's glass window, slip it back in, and latch it shut.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can use the pressed flower frames to display artwork, prints of the full 8x10 size without the floating effect. When exhibiting sizes smaller than the glass frame for pressed flowers 8x10 glass frame, you will achieve a 3-dimensional depth and an attractive floating display.
  • GIFT A FRIEND: This glass frame for pressed flowers, has a sleek and stylish structure. This frame makes it a lovely gift for special occasions. You could also add your artwork to this picture frame for a personal touch for frames for pressed flowers as a gift for friends and family. Fellow hobbyists will be delighted to receive this unique gift.