Mini Vacuum Cleaner that does BIG Clean! Handheld Vacuum for Car, Keyboard, Blinds, Pets & More!

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Get Into All the Nooks & Crannies with this Mini Yet Powerful Vacuum. It's Portable, Affordable & Easy to Use! A Mini Vacuum that Cleans BIG!

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🔥 82% of Customers Buy 2 or more (one for Car, Pet, Desk, Office, Bedroom etc..) 🔥

Product Features:

  • QUICK CHARGE & LONG BATTERY LIFE: This mini vacuum cleaner uses a lithium battery w/c was tested vigorously passing w/ over 500 charges providing up to 20 minutes of use. Battery charges fully in just 3-4 hours.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: This vacuum can be taken anywhere & stored easily inside your car, desk, office or closet.
  • DUAL FUNCTIONS: The handheld cordless vacuum is designed not only w/ great suction power but can also blow out those stubborn dust stuck between the cracks & crevices.
  • REMOVABLE & WASHABLE VACUUM FILTER: The mini vacuum cleaner filter can be taken out & washed.
  • 3 INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES: Allows you to reach the tightest spaces; inhale little pieces of paper and dry ash or dust.
  • Tackle Many Cleaning Tasks: Great for cleaning the Computer Keyboard, Blinds, Car, Air Vents, Window Trims, Draws, dust and crumbs around your desk, inside your desktop computer and much More!

Choose Between Two Versions Available 1) Compact size for easy storage 2) Portable Power for extra suction power 

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Q: What is the difference between Compact and Portable Power?
A: The size of Vacuum is smaller for Compact, great for storing into your glove compartment and drawers. Portable Power is slightly larger but has greater suction power.

Q: Does it come with something to carry it around?
A: Yes it comes with a carrying bag

Q: Can the vacuums clean breadcumbs and my car seat?
A: Yes most definitely, get the portable power if you desire higher suction power.

Q: How do you know when the vacuum is done charging?
A: While charging the red light will be blinking. Once fully charged it will stop.

Q: Do you offer customer support for the product?
A: Customer Support 24/7 at

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