Nonstick Pancake Mold Egg Ring Maker 7 Holes

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These Pancakes moulds are the fastest and easiest way to make perfect rounded pancakes, all you have to do is lift and flip. That’s it! The non-stick silicone helps you flip the pancakes with no effort. These moulds are designed to hold batter to the perfect shape and even cooking. While the flat bottom ring supports everything. They're multifunctional you can use them in cooking perfect eggs, string potatoes and so much more! This mould is stovetop safe silicone so it won’t burn or damage your pan while the EZ flip grips keep hands safely away from the heat. Recommendations: Wash the moulds in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry completely or place in dishwasher. Never use abrasive soaps or scouring pads. For best results, spray with non-stick cooking spray. Prior to each use, place the mould on or inside the pan using Medium-High heat, bottom side down. For 1 minute, apply pressure with a spatula to ensure the product is in full contact with pan surface during this 1-minute curing process. Repeat on opposite side. You should definitely add this amazing gadget to your kitchen now!