Pet Hair Removal Brush Pet Hair Removal For Car Carpet Lint Removal Reusable Self-Cleaning

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1. High quality of materials.

2. Reusable pet fur remover with self-cleaning base.

3. Double side brushes are twice as fast as one-side brushes!

4. Durable and quick to remove fur or lint.

5. It can not only be used for pets,but sofa or other things which are easy to adhere to fur!

6.1 set of what package includes only,other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

7. Easy to clean.

8. Color:white&blue

9. Length: Small:5.5cm/2.16in

10. Big:30cm/11.8in

Packing included:

1 x Fur Pet Brushers

1 x Self-cleaning Base

1 x Travel-sized Fur Brushers

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