Super Absorbant MicroFiber Door Mat 18x28 Inches

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Have a pet, kids or dirty shoes walking at your door step?  Stop dirt and water right at the front of your doorstep!  This Mat will change your life!  Step on it with a dirty shoe or paw and step off of it with a clean shoe or paw.  It really works amazingly, absorbing all the dirt, thus keeping your floors clean. 

  • No More Dirty Paw Prints! Keeps Floors Clean & Dry
  • "Deep Reach" Paw Cleaning Strands Instantly Absorb Water, Dirt, & Mud
  • Dries 5x Faster Than Standard Cotton Door Mats
  • Absorbs 7x It's Weight in Water
  • Non Skid backing on the bottom prevents skidding and movement
  • 46cm x 71cm or 18.11 inch x 27.95