21 Kitchen Gadgets, You'll Never Understand How You Lived Without

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21. Handy Garlic Grater

Enjoying Garlic has never been easier!  Don't leave out this critical ingredient due to the hassles from this point forward!  No more smelly garlic fingers with this handy device. Simply pop the clove of garlic into the little cutting chamber and grate up and down with it. It’s very low tech but just does the trick – you’ll never cut garlic with a knife ever again…

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20. Egglettes Egg Cooker

Take your egg cooking to the next level!

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19. Easy Magic Garlic Peeler

Peel many Cloves of Garlic in a Breeze with this Easy Magic Garlic Peeler

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18. 2 in 1 Kitchen Scissors and Knife + Board

It's never been this easy to chop and slice until now!

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17. Mini Garlic / Onion Press


Great cooking Tool for dicing batches of garlic and onions in a breeze!

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16. Garlic Master

Mince Garlic into 81 perfect cubes with a simple twist.

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15. Multi Function Steamer / Spill Stopping Lid

The Multi-Functional Lid is perfect for covering that boiling pot so that you never have to worry about it overflowing from too much build up.  It's also great as a steamer for your vegetables or simply to reheat your food or leftovers.  It doesn't stop there, use it when deep frying, microwaving your food or simply cover in the oven when baking.

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14. 4 in 1 Multi function Jar Opener

One of our customer says: "I'm older now and can't open jars without this.  You must try one!"

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13. Cupboard Door Hanging Storage/Trash Rack

Help to keep your home or camper tidy and clean. Use for food scraps in the kitchen, an under the sink trash can in the bathroom, or a lint trash can in the laundry room.

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12. Pyramid Pan Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Eat Healthier by Dripping Away all the unhealthy Grease and Fat!

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11. Kale / Herb Stripper

Eat More Kale and Take out the Hassles of leafing them! Former Miss USA, shares her beauty secret about Kale: "It will literally make your skin glow." Click on the link below to read more.  A Must have Kitchen Tool for making it simple to make Kale salads and many more Kale recipes.  Works great with herbs too!

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10. Easy Sushi Maker Roller

Making sushi rolls does not have to be difficult. Perfect Roll makes the process incredibly simple, easy and best of all, a lot of fun. Turn whatever you like into a roll whether it's fish, meat or vegetable. Invite your friends to a party and the Sushi maker will become an instant conversation piece. It can also be used as a fun family activity. Kids would love making sushi with it.

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9. Sushi Bazooka

Make restaurant style Japanese sushi at home with ease 

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8. AnitBacteria Multi-Function Silicone Cleaning Brush

Wash without the Antibacterial Build Up with this New Multi-Function Smart Sponge!  Works Amazing on Pans and dishes covered in Pasta Sauces and after frying meat with stubborn Oil stains other sponges can't handle!  

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7. Non-Stick Heat Resistance Fiber Glass Cloth Stove Top Covers

Protect your Stove Range from spills and splashes.  Be prepared before deep frying!  This fiber glass cloth keeps your kitchen safe from catching on fire!

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6. Rolling Kitchen Knife

Cut Veggies, Carrots, Cucumbers and garlic with precision with this rolling knife

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5. Three-in-one avocado tool that means you'll get every morsel out of that expensive avocado.

Great avocado tool that will leave you eating more of those healthy and tasty avocados.  Great for making salads, sandwiches, guacamole or just eating them whole!

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4. Fast Defrost Tray

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3. Easy 60 Second Salad Cutter Bowl


Rinse and cut your Vegetable or Fruit Salad easily. Making it a breeze for Healthy meals.

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2. Copper BBQ Matt

Cook your Meats and fish evenly with this Copper Matt Technology.  Grills Vegetables w/o falling through the grill, perfect for public grills or just your own grill in your backyard.

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1. Spiralizer 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer

This Spiralizer cuts all your Veggies in uniform shape, as well as grating cheese and nuts.  Dishwasher safe allows for easy cleaning with a suction base to give you grip and stability. 

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About the Author Melissa B. 

Melissa is a former chef.  While working she constantly heard from her friends that they never had enough time to whip up a nutritious and healthy meal.  It is because of this she was then inspired to give them handy tips that would make that possible.  She also realized how long it took for a lot of families to make these types of meals.  This was crucial in her mind even if you were single. 

She believes if you can be healthier while saving time, it would go a long way in the long run.  After helping many of her friends and family not just on cooking tips but also on how to make their overall life more efficient.  She got inspired to help a lot of others as well.  She believes her tips on saving money and time should be transferred over to time and money spent with the joy of friends and family. She now gives tips everyday so that others as well can endure the same healthy, efficient and happy life she has lived.


  • I have several of these but #10 is my favorite. So many uses.

    Teresa Covert on

  • WOW! You guys have really outdone yourselves!!! I love your salad slicer. Now I have to figure out which of the rest of your handy tools I’m going to order first!!!

    Sandra L Marr on


    jane on

  • I have an egg timer I have had for years now. Its not this one but it works on the same principal and it works really great! My eggs come out just like I want them now!! Well worth it.

    Janeen L. on

  • like the garlic grater. will buy next week thnks

    rosie riley on

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