19 Can't Miss Christmas Gifts Only Available Online This 2019!

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19. Mini LED Christmas Tree

  • [Mini Christmas Tree with LED Christmas Lights] – Special Edition Christmas Tree Made just for the Christmas Holiday! Comes with built in LED Christmas lights that are ready to entertain and spread the holiday joy!
  • [Tabletop Christmas Decorations] – This mini Christmas Tree comes pre decorated with ornaments, roses, flowers, berries, acorn and ribbon.
  • [ A Gift That Will Surely Impress] – Our Small Christmas Tree by Premium Eternal Roses has a luxury design and comes with a warm Christmas Greeting Card. The Small Christmas Tree is ready for gifting upon arrival.
  • [Luxurious Gift Box] – The Small Christmas Tree arrives in a tied ribbon in a luxurious gift box that will provide that very special first impression. Because everybody deserves a Christmas Tree wherever they may be.

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18. Mini Handheld Vacuum

  • QUICK CHARGE & LONG BATTERY LIFE: This mini vacuum cleaner uses a lithium battery w/c was tested vigorously passing w/ over 500 charges providing up to 20 minutes of use. Battery charges fully in just 3-4 hours.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: This vacuum can be taken anywhere & stored easily inside your car, desk, office or closet.
  • DUAL FUNCTIONS: The handheld cordless vacuum is designed not only w/ great suction power but can also blow out those stubborn dust stuck between the cracks & crevices.
  • REMOVABLE & WASHABLE VACUUM FILTER: The mini vacuum cleaner filter can be taken out & washed.
  • 3 INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES: Allows you to reach the tightest spaces; inhale little pieces of paper and dry ash or dust.

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17. Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Imagine waking up and never forgetting to charge your phone. The design of this alarm clock allows that with wireless charging. Just put the phone on top of your alarm clock before going to bed and wake up to a fully charged phone. I haven't even mentioned about the amazing 5 Watt speakers that streams wirelessly from your phone. This all an one alarm clock that is also travel friendly due to it’s compact size. Built in FM Radio a big mirror LED display that clearly shows the time with a sleek and modern feel.  Compatible with 95% of all phones that have wireless charging capabilities.

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16. Decorative Rustic Wood Trays ( 4 Styles and Colors)

  • Ottaman Tray - Rustic Inspired Farmhouse Serving Tray with a weathered finish.
  • Smooth Splinter Free Surface – Our Rustic Serving Tray is made of the finest wood built to last
  • Decorative Tray Rustic and Modern - Give your home that Rustic Modern look and feel. Perfect on top of an Ottoman, at the patio, a picnic, breakfast in bed, wine, coffee. Whatever the occasion may be.
  • Decorative Tray Rustic and Modern - Give your home that Rustic Modern look and feel. Perfect on top of an Ottoman, at the patio, a picnic, breakfast in bed, wine, coffee. Whatever the occasion may be.

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15. Marble Cheese / Cutting Board ( 2 Sizes)

  • Size: 18x9 Inches. Each Marble Board has it's own unique pattern and colorization.
  • Made of 100% Beautiful Marble - A elegant stone made from nature. Due to the nature state no two boards are alike
  • Matte back finish - On the back side is a matte finish which allows you to better prep and slice. The front is a polished finish for presentation and serving.
  • Presentation effects the taste, present your creation in the best possible manner. It is amazing for parties, group gatherings with many foods such as Cheese, Crackers, fruit, pizza, desserts, sushi and many more!
  • The stone effect keeps food cool, great for making pastries, sushi and other foods alike.

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14. Compatible Lego Army Men Figure Sets Of Special Forces

Bring life to your building block collection with these special forces army men.  They are compatible with other building blocks and will look great to your existing building block builds!  For kids ages 6 and above. Free Shipping!

Buy the Compatible Lego Special Forces

13. Premium Eternal Preserved Rose

[REAL ROSE & Long Lifespan] – The Premium Eternal Rose is a real fresh rose that was preserved in a very special technique that allows it to last up to 3-5 years without any watering or maintenance. For best care try to avoid direct sunlight, high moisture, dusty areas and best in cool temperature rooms. Real Rose Petals and Leaves, Real Rose Stem, Real Rose Thorns – An Expression of Eternal Love.

[A Gift That Will Surely Impress] – Our Premium Eternal Rose has a luxurious design and will give an elegant feel. The Grade A Rose is a symbol of love and with it’s special preservation technique, it is a symbol of ultimate gratitude and an everlasting eternal love.

[Don’t Sacrifice Quality, Settling for Less] – Our Premium Eternal Roses Are Hand Picked Special Grade A Roses. The Rose Bud Spans up to 9-10cm versus the non Grade A Roses which are around 6cm wide.

[A Great Gift for Any Special Occasion] – A truly unique gift for your loved ones, friends, family on occasions such as Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Proposals, Weddings, Thankgiving, Bridal Shower any special occasion that deserves a heightened moment.

[Brighten Ones Day Daily] – Brighten one’s daily mood with this gift! It’s often used as a décor in the office, living room, bedroom, study room, dining room anywhere that you want to bring a smile upon entry.

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12. Bubble Mower + Bubble Whale = Bubble Party

Start a bubble party with our Bubble Whale and Bubble Mower!  2 toys for the price of one!  The bubble whale makes 2,000 bubbles per minute and the kids can't have enough of pushing the bubble mower around! 

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11. Air Pressure Wine Opener

A Great Gift for any wine lover! Simply Pump a Couple of Times and the cork comes right out safely. Impress your guests and drink wine more often.

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10. Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

Fashionable electric wine opener is powered by 4 batteries. Easily open wine bottles in seconds. Low power consumption and durable quality.

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9. The Pocket Guitar

This is a great toy for kids to get to know how to play the guitar.  It easily stores into any pocket and is great for exercising pieces of music they are trying to learn whether in the car, plane, home or school.  You can get addicted to this practice instrument.  The Pocket Guitar is Light and easy to carry, you can bring it with you just about everywhere. No need to worry about the lack of time practicing because your pocket guitar is going to help you do it, any time of the day.

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8. Stainless Steel Modern JetBlack or Rainbow Silverware

Impress your guests with elegant modern silverware that will take your home and your style to a whole new level.

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7. High Pressure ShowerHead

Indulge yourself into the best shower you've had.  This 300 Hole Laser Cut Shower Head will give your ordinary shower head 3x more water pressure.  The shower head connects to any common shower head connector.  Save 30% more water while giving yourself a revitalizing experience.  Made of Stainless Steel the laser precision cuts provide a power jet stream of relaxation onto your body!

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6. The Talking Hamster

Size: 5.7 inches Talk back function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language. She bops his head up and down automatically while talking and when you pat her. Easy to use: Switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic every word in a funny and high pitched voice. Records up to 6 seconds. 

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5. Handmade Rose Bear, Roses that lasts forever

  • PERFECT Anniversary / Valentine's Day GIFT - Handmade Rose Bear
  • It is a styrofoam bear doll covered with roses and comes with stain bow
  • GIVE THANKS - The best gift for Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine's day or any occasion that warrants such a unique and precious gift.
  • Environmentally friendly PE flower: fluffy three-dimensional (3-D), super soft and wrinkled, waterproof, durable and resistant to fading.
  • Roses come in a variety of colors: red, pink, grey, etc. Different colors have different meanings or love languages.

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4. Beauty and the Beast Rose Lamp with Glass Dome and Wooden Base

Give a Unique Gift that shows your love.  Whether it's for Valentines, a young couple, middle aged, birthday, wedding or anniversary.  The warm white LED lights will shock you when it first lights up and bring a smile to your special someone.  

  • Tiny LED lights with fallen petal and red silk rose in a glass dome.  The roses from silk make it look real.  No need to assemble for it's ready to be given on arrival.
  • Amazing Gift for a significant other, love one, friend or family.  
  • Plug in and play, safe and durable.
  • An amazing decor for any special occasion or potential center piece at wedding tables 

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3. Baby Water Mat

Baby Water Mat

  • Supreme Quality and 100% Leak Proof 100% BPA Free PVC. Thoroughly tested before packaging to ensure safety.
  • Portable and ready to go out of the box: Mat is foldable into a pocket size.
  • Stimulates Baby Development: Modernhomemaker’s Water play mat is an essential tool for developing a solid head, neck, shoulders Prevents flat head and increases their senses and hand-eye coordination.
  • 2 Pack For More Fun! Comes with two different themed water play mat and air pump

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2. Jumbo SQUISHIES American Food and Unicorn Series

  • FUN TO SQUEEZE: These squishies are amazing & soft. The perfect addition to any Squishy lover's collection.
  • GIFT IDEA: These squishes are practical, useful & a perfect gift for any occasion for family & friends.
  • STRESS RELIEF SQUISHY TOYS: Effortless, simple & incredibly effective way to reduce stress anxiety.
  • SUPER SOFT & SQUISHY: Our jumbo squishies pack is durable, lightweight. They will help you boost hand blood circulation.

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1. Bluetooth Wireless Headset With Rechargeable Box For All Smart Phones

Multi-function Bluetooth headset: answer or reject calls, Bluetooth pairing, power on/off, play/pause music/video, etc. with built-in microphone, perfect for hands-free calling, listening to music, news, friends chatting or working . Enjoy stereo whether you use it alone or separately.

True HD HIFI sound - With the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology and state-of-the-art acoustic components, you can produce incredible sound with deep bass and clear highs. With the built-in microphone, you have full control over the power on/off/answer or reject the call.

Comfortable wireless earbuds: very lightweight, perfect size, you won't feel uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. The sweat-proof material keeps the earphones fully functional even when the sweat drops. No wires are entangled, it is easy to store anywhere.

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