21 Innovative Kitchen Products You'll Want to Buy ASAP!

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21. Keep Food Fresh Longer with this Refrigerator Air Purifier

Keep Food Fresh Longer with this Refrigerator Air Purifier

The Fridge Air Purifier takes out the odors from your fridge and helps extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.  This technology helps reduce mold, mildew, destroys e-coli and other harmful bacteria.  One of these Air Purifiers cover roughly 9 square feet of fridge space. Get a discount on 2 or more for the Car, Bathroom and any other small spaces in your home!

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20. Pasta Express Tube

Everybody loves pasta, but nobody enjoys the pains of cooking it. From the troubles of awkwardly fitting spaghetti into the pot, to the tender agony of burning your hand trying to drain it.  Well, it’s finally time to fully enjoy perfect pasta - pain-free! Meet the Pasta Xpress! No more fiddling with stove top temperatures... The innovative tube uses thermal conductivity to keep your pasta cooking at the perfect temperature, ensuring ideal pasta - every time.  But it doesn’t only cook pasta… the Pasta Xpress is excellent for cooking nutritious peas, broccoli, asparagus, shrimp and more. Even hot dogs! All without boiling away all the precious vitamins and minerals they contain (ok...maybe not the hot dogs!).
The portable design means you can take it with you on camping trips, boating or in your RV. Enjoy your favorite foods outside of the kitchen.

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19. 6PCs/Set Silicone Kitchen Stretch Lids

6PCs/Set Silicone Kitchen Stretch Lids

1) Keep your food tasting great and lasting longer
2) Instantly Turn any Bowl into Food Containers on the Go
3) BPA Free Food Silicone
4) High Temperature Friendly

The newest, fastest and easiest way to keep your food tasting great!  Use these reusable Silicone Lids to turn any of your bowls into Food Containers!  Made out of BPA Free Silicone.  These Stretch Lids will bring you convenience while keeping your groceries fresher longer!

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18. Avocado Slicer and Masher

Perfect your guacamole skills by getting the most flawlessly mashed avocado with this Avocado Masher.

This tool has a knife designed to both slice open the avocado and then remove the pit. The curved design of its masher is specially crafted to scoop out the avocado and you are ready to go mash them!

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17. Butter / Cheese / Vegetable Grater

BUTTER / Cheese / or Vegetable GRATER


Recipes or meals would call for softened butter but all you have is the one you just took out of the fridge. Don't waste any more time and use this Butter Grater. It pushes out the butter to the other end so that you'll get shreds of butter that are spreadable. Grate some to your toast, for cooking and baking. Never struggle with frozen butter ever again! Don't limit this product to just grating butter, it also works great on other ingredients such as cheese, vegetables, for baby food and much more!

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16. Magic Trio Peeler (Set of 3)

Magic Trio Peeler (Set of 3)

Whatever peeling task, this peeler set can handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge. It comes with 3 peelers with different blades - definitely suitable for a wide variety of vegetables! Can be widely used for easy peeling, removing vegetable/fruit seeds and creating tiny potato balls. 

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15. French Fry Maker / Slicer / Microwavable

French Fry Maker / Slicer / Microwavable

This Instant Perfect Fries Maker allows you to use microwave! It gives you crispy French Fries quickly and easily, so you can have delicious and crispy fries anytime you want. Load a potato, push down the fries maker and it will slice perfectly-sized fries every time. Put it in the microwave and in minutes, you’ll have hot, crispy and delicious French Fries! FEATURES: No Fat, No Grease, No Cholesterol. No more soggy, freezer fries. Make as much or as little as you want. Easy and safe to use. Have fresh, delicious fries any time you want. Dishwasher safe. HOW TO USE: Load a potato. Push down on the safety slice to cut the perfect sized fries. Pop it in the microwave and let them to perfection. After using, put it in the dishwasher for easy washing.

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14. French Fry / Finger Foods Dipping Cup with Sauce Holder

French Fry / Finger Foods Dipping Cup with Sauce Holder

This Finger Foods Dipping Cup is a fun and convenient way to serve and display your french fries or favorite finger foods! Load the cone up with vegetables, french fries, bread stick, cheese straws, you name it and many more!

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13. The Ultimate Grocery Bag (Set of 2)

Say goodbye to plastic bags and even the 'green' shopping bags on your supermarket trip. It's time to join the revolution: EASY-PACK GROCERY BAG are the new way to do your grocery shopping!  Easily clips on to the shopping cart, grab and go after check out, solid base so it doesn't slide in the car and easily folds away flat after use to slip back in the trunk or in your drawer.

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12. Amazing Air Pressure Wine Opener

Amazing Air Pressure Wine Opener

  • SIMPLE AIR PUMP WINE OPENER: Such a simple, easy and fast way to open. Just slide the needle in, pump a few times and then the cork is out.
  • NO MORE PULLING OR TWISTING: More efficient and convenience. Easy to use without hassle of pulling, twisting or broken cork pieces.
  • SPECIAL CORK POPS(CO2 INJECTOR): Updated cork pops to inject the CO2 into the bottle, simple to handle, even for your little 8 years old gir
  • Perfect gift ideas for your families, friends, loves and colleagues. Great for bar, cafe, restaurant or home use.

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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

11. Non-Stick Heat Resistance Fiber Glass Cloth Stove Top Covers

Non-Stick Heat Resistance Fiber Glass Cloth Stove Top Covers

1) No More Breaking Your Back Scrubbing the Stove!
2) Heat Resistance because it's made of Glass Fiber Cloth!
3) Stains Easily Wipes Off Saving a Lot of Clean Up Time!
4) Reusable, Simply Rinse

Be prepared before deep frying!  The Heat Resistance fiber glass cloth keeps your kitchen safe from catching on fire!  PREVENT hours of scrubbing and make clean up fast and easy!

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10. Anit-Bacteria Multi-Function Silicone Cleaning Brush

Anit-Bacteria Multi-Function Silicone Cleaning Brush

1) Anti Bacterial and Mildew Free
2) Gentle on Delicate Glassware
3) Great for Pasta Sauces and Oily Pans or Dishes
4) Heat Resistant and can double as an oven mitt of coaster

Wash without the Antibacterial Build Up with this New Multi-Function Smart Sponge!  Works Amazing on Pans and dishes covered in Pasta Sauces and after frying meat with stubborn Oil stains other sponges can't handle!  Can also double as an Oven Mitt. 

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9. The Magic Duster with Tiny Suction Tubes

The Magic Duster with Tiny Suction Tubes

1) Dust Your Blinds With Ease
2) Clean Your Drawers Without Taking Anything Out
3) Dust Your Car Like Never Before
4) Clean Your Vents 
5) Window Gaps and Many Other Places Like You've Never Imagined
6) Even Dust Around your Fragile Items

36 Tiny Suction Tubes go anywhere dust hides.  Clean where you couldn't reach before.  The Universal attachment works with any vacuum.

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8. Cupboard Door Hanging Storage/Trash Rack

Making Big Meals can get dirty, help your kitchen, home or camper to keep tidy and clean. Use for food scraps in the kitchen, an under the sink trash can in the bathroom, or a lint trash can in the laundry room.

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Kitchen Slicers

Kitchen Slicers

7. Mandoline Slicer-Peel, Slice,Grate All Your Vegetables

Grate, Slice, Dice and Peel all your vegetables like you never thought possible.  This Mandoline Slicer, comes with 7 interchangeable blades, is BPA Free and will save you tons of meal prep times!

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6. Japanese Knife

Imagine having a knife so sharp, it can cut through a tin can! Made of Stainless Steel, the knife is rust resistant and cannot be stained. The design encourages a natural and comfortable grip. Take your culinary in the kitchen to a whole new level!

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5. Instant / Speedy Chopper

Use this multi-function chopper to help you cut vegetables, fruits and nuts. Simply pull on the rope which is equivalent to chopping 15 times. No more crying while cutting those onions! Make dips with ease, make Cole slaw in seconds, mince beef, protein, cottage cheese, the number of uses are endless. The blades cut well because they are made from stainless steel. It is also lightweight, easy to wash, easy to store and easily transportable. Use it for yourself or buy it as a gift!

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4. Spiralizer 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Spiralizer 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer

1) 1 Round Equals 12 times cutting 
2) Suction Base to Ensure Solid Grip and Stability 
3) Uniform Slices everytime 
4) Easy Cleaning DishWasher Safe

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Not Available in Shops, High efficiency, 1 circle equals cutting 12 times.  Cuts all your Veggies in uniform shape, dishwasher safe and suction base to give you grip and stability. Sharp Stainless Steel blades will last for years.  Never get bored on a KETO/Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan or Gluten Free Diet Again!  Also great for making Veggie Pasta!  

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3. Kale / Herb Stripper

Kale / Herb Stripper

Eat More Kale and Take out the Hassles of leafing them! Former Miss USA, shares her beauty secret about Kale: "It will literally make your skin glow." Click on the link below to read more.  A Must have Kitchen Tool for making Kale salads, Chips and your other favorite Kale recipes.  Works great with herbs too!

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2. Handy Garlic Grater

Enjoying Garlic has never been easier!  Don't leave out this critical ingredient due to the hassles from this point forward!  No more smelly garlic fingers with this handy device. Simply pop the clove of garlic into the little cutting chamber and grate up and down with it. It’s very low tech but just does the trick – you’ll never cut garlic with a knife ever again…

Handy Garlic Grater

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1. Mini Garlic / Onion Press

Mini Garlic / Onion Press

Great cooking Tool for dicing batches of garlic and onions in a breeze!

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Melissa is a former chef.  While working she constantly heard from her friends that they never had enough time to whip up a nutritious and healthy meal.  It is because of this she was then inspired to give them handy tips that would make that possible.  She also realized how long it took for a lot of families to make these types of meals.  This was crucial in her mind even if you were single. 

She believes if you can be healthier while saving time, it would go a long way in the long run.  After helping many of her friends and family not just on cooking tips but also on how to make their overall life more efficient.  She got inspired to help a lot of others as well.  She believes her tips on saving money and time should be transferred over to time and money spent with the joy of friends and family. She now gives tips everyday so that others as well can endure the same healthy, efficient and happy life she has lived.

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