Curaprox Ultra Soft 5460 Swiss ToothBrush (Pack of 3) Varies Color

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Gums love this toothbrush. The 5,460 filaments are ultra soft, forming a dense and efficient cleaning surface. Incredibly gentle on gums and teeth but extremely hard on plaque. Anyone who tries this toothbrush will never want to brush without it again.

• Gently cleans without damaging
• Efficient cleaning surface
• Slightly angled, compact head reaches everywhere
• Octagonal handle helps users to brush at correct angle.

The Curaprox Ultrasoft Toothbrush CS 5460 is a Swiss-Made Ultrasoft toothbrush This toothbrush is especially excellent for people with sensitive teeth and gums and conditions that make an Ultrasoft toothbrush the best choice for their oral care needs. Toothbrush colors will vary.