Professional Two Tone Eye Shadow Kit

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This Two-Tone Eye Shadow Kit is a combination of art and technology that lets you change the game! When it comes to eye shadow, two shades are always better than one! When you use the Two-Tone Kit technology you’ll easily be able to apply that double shimmer tone to elevate your look and create some depth in your eyes, while saving yourself some time. This beauty product consists of a double shimmer tone to enhance your natural elegance. Perfect for the next time you go out to a party, wedding, or even out shopping to elevate your look.


  • Long-lasting and natural
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply
  • Bright colors with exquisite silty and light texture
  • 5 different colors/styles


  1. Apply a custom eye shadow ball over a double - colored eyeshadow and apply eye shadow
  2. Brush eye shadow ball over the eyeliner, dark eye shadow toward the inner eye, light color outward
  3. Repeat brushing the eye shadow brush

Please Note: Due to high volume! Please allow 8-14 business days for delivery on this item.